Rose Plant Fertilizer(300 Ml)

Rs 325

Rose Plant Fertilizer for Bigger Vibrant Colourful Bountiful of Roses A complete Rose plant nutrient, Home Gardening Pack,

Roses love to grow. Given minimal care they will survive and produce flowers. With a regular feeding program and a varied diet, roses will thrive and produce armloads of large, beautiful blooms. Roses are heavy feeders, when supplied with a varied nutritional diet  they will provide an abundance of large, beautiful blooms.


150 X2 bottles =300 ML consumer pack meticulously formulated to provide essential primary, secondary, and trace elements fortified with aminos, and fulvic, a complete water soluble formulation

Application method – irrigate or spray with nutrient water every 15 day ,  spray in cool hours with nutrient water.

Sure, plants can live with soil, water and sun alone, but they thrive when they’re fed -- even just a little

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