Chelated Micro Nutrient(300 Ml)

Rs 340

Chelated Micro Nutrient Fertilizer with Magnesium & Sulphur for prophylactic and curative treatment of Micro Nutrient deficiencies in plants, for optimal appearance & performance of plants


Micro Magic is a micro nutrient mixture meticulously formulated to provide eight essential elements to the plant these are iron , magnesium, copper, zinc, boron, manganese, sulphur, and molybdenum . This mixture is  fully chelated

The chelated form complexes with these chelating agent ensures stability & guaranteed availability of Micro elements to the plant. In Foliar applications, the chelates penetrate quickly & easily and flow in to the plant stomata. In Drip – Soil application, the chelate structure preserves the Micro element from the insoluble salts with other compounds of the soil.

Chelated Micro Nutrients are fast soluble and dissolve rapidly and completely in water, with no risk of clogging of Spray Nozzles & Drip Nozzles.  chelated Micro Nutrients thus offer high quality Micro Elements with desire yield & efficacy towards prevention of Micro Nutrient Deficiencies in various plants at various stages of the plant life cycle

Water  soluble micro nutrient mixtureis  to cater to plants need of iron, zinc, copper, boron, manganese, molybdenum optimizes plant performance by look wise and yield wise easy application and economical just 1 gram per liter of irrigation water or spray

150 X 2 bottles = 300 ML consumer pack of Fully chelated micro nutrient mixture for plants, Rapid uptake by plants

Homogeneous free flowing microgranules

Small dosage just 1 gram per liter of water

Micro nutrients are required throughout the growth cycle

Rapidly & completely water soluble mixture

Dispatch: 1-2 Days.