Gibberellic Acid Technical Grade(5 Ml)

Rs 199

Gibberellic Acid Can affect growth by its effect on cell growth and cell elongation such effects are often seen in stem growth as well as root growth, stems and inter nodal lengths can be increased and a better more extensive root system develop, increase in cell division can also sometimes be seen in the production of larger leaves, GA leads to bigger plants with bigger shoots and leaves in many plants,

Effect of Gibberellic Acid Plant Growth Regulator

  • Bigger plants producer bigger crop yields.
  • Increase plant or crop yield
  • Enable greater photosynthesis and plant metabolism
  • Allow the production of bigger leaves and bigger root system
  • Increase cell growth in stems, leaves, and roots
  • Can be used to increase stem length in a number of flower crops grown for the flower trade
  • Increases flower size
  • Improves establishment and growth of young plants produced from cuttings, seeds or plugs


Dissolves in Alcohol isopropyl / ethanol / methanol

Available in 5 Grams Consumer pack 

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