19 all water soluble fertilizer(300 Ml)

Rs 275

19all - An all-purpose, 19-19-19 fertilizer will provide the nutrients all plants need for healthy growth. 19all contains completely water soluble nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium The three elements promote plant growth in three different ways. In simple terms, these are: N - Nitrogen: promotes the growth of leaves and vegetation, P - Phosphorus: promotes root and shoot growth, K –- potassium: regulation of water and nutrient movement in plant cells, purportedly promoting flowering and fruiting.

N- Nitrogen helps plants make the proteins they need to produce new tissues.

P - Phosphorous stimulates root growth, helps the plant set buds and flowers, improves vitality and increases seed size

K- Potassium improves overall vigor of the plant. It helps the plants make carbohydrates and provides disease resistance. It also helps regulate metabolic activities.

application - 2- 4 Gms per lit of water as per growth stage. Irrigate the plants with nutrient water can also be sprayed for quick action on the plant, to be sprayed in cool hours

150 Ml X 2 bottle = 300 Ml bottle consumer pack of 19all NPK fertilizers are water-soluble and can be taken up by the plant almost immediately

Dispatch: 1-2 Days.