Chelated Zinc Fertilizer (150 ML)

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Chelated fertilizers are less reactive to soil conditions and can significantly enhance nutrient uptake and utilization efficiencies.

it is used as a fertiliser to overcome Zinc deficiency in plants, as well as a source of Zinc for those plants which require Zinc for their normal growth and higher yields.


Zinc chelate is easily translocated within the plants Zinc EDTA available to plant system very quickly. This is in contrast with Zinc from other sources which makes Zinc available very slowly, because a large quantity of such Zinc will be fixed in the soil


Zinc enhances photosynthetic activity through its influence on chlorophyll synthesis.

Oxidation reactions in plant cells depend on Zinc, and Zinc also regulates metabolism of carbohydrates and its use.

Growth promoting hormones, particularly Auxins, are activated by Chelated Zinc.

Zinc treated plants generally remain green and become resistant to disease attack to a great extent

Sympotons of Zinc defiency are :

  • Development of small sized leaves.
  • Leaves with blotches or mottled leaves.
  • Sickle shaped leaves.
  • Rosette leaves.
  • Appearance of white buds.
  • General yellowing of the leaves.

Chelated Zinc, applied foliary or as soil application, ensures the plant gets the maximum amount of needed Zinc with in the shortest possible time

In foliar applications; the best results are obtained from the applications of 50 gms of  Chelated Zinc in 100 litres of water per acre. The solution should be so applied as to cover both surfaces of the leaves, but to effect an even distribution of the spray fluid on the leaf surfaces, a small amount of wetting agent can be added. Foliar application is highly economic and quickly eliminates zinc defiency in all crops this being the standard rate of application for all crops

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