Chelated Boron Fertilizer(150 ML)

Rs 149

Boron is essential for healthy cell growth in plants and is important in the formation of pollen as well. Without pollen, many plants - including most important food and feed crops - would not be able to bear fruit and reproduce. A shortage of boron may also stunt the growth of plants. The benefits of boron are not limited to plants, either: Some nutritional research indicates boron may have a role in helping prevent osteoporosis.


Chelating agent ensures stability & guaranteed availability of Micro elements to the plant. In Foliar applications, the chelates penetrates quickly & easily and flows in to the plant stomata


Chelated Micro Nutrients are fast soluble and dissolve rapidly and completely in water


For adequate supply of micronutrients throughout the growth cycle and for prompt correction of deficiencies it is recommended to apply  micronutrient fertilizer


From a global perspective, B is the most widespread micronutrient deficiency after zinc


Although required in small amounts boron is a component of all cell walls in the plant

More than 90 percent of B is found in cell wall structures. B deficiencies generally stunt plant growth by reducing cell wall extension at the growing point. Younger leaves show symptoms first, which indicates B is not readily translocated in the plant. Deficiency symptoms may include reduced flowering; thickened, curled, chlorotic leaves; and soft or necrotic spots in fruits and tubers


Dosage – 1 gram per liter of water spray during cool hours preferably after 3 PM, use wetting agent for better result

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