Chelated Iron Fertilizer(150 ML)

Rs 149

Iron is an essential nutrient needed by plants to function. Chelated iron is a water soluble iron supplement plants can easily use.

Iron is used up in some of the most vital functions of plants, such as:

  • Chlorophyll and enzyme production
  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Metabolism and development

For this reason, plants simply cannot function as they should without the presence of iron.

Iron deficiency in plants can be spotted with a yellowing of leaves, usually between the dark green veins, which gives the leaf a spidery look.

This commonly referred to as lime chlorosis or iron chlorosis. With time, the leaves appear whitish, and start to die; resulting in a stunted growth of the entire plant.

This can be quite frustrating to a gardener, especially with the unsightly yellow or whitish leaves. Chelated iron is your best bet when treating iron chlorosis

Dosage -

Iron chelate can be appled as foliar spray rates of application depends on the severity of the deficiency but should be kept within the recommended dosage for outdoor plants in container bedding plants flowers ornamental shrubs grapes berries fruit trees citrus and vegetables mix 1.5 tsps of  per 4 liter  of water spray foliage to run off point repeat every10 – 15 days as needed to correct the iron deficiency note – do not apply to fruit or nut tree  during bloom or when fruits or nuts are on the tree (use soil application)

Turf grass – use 6 – 8 tsps of per1000 sq ft apply with enough wter100 – 140 liter for full coverage spray repeat monthly or as needed

Dispatch: 1-2 Days.